A die is created from a logo image and is then depressed into the leather, suede, polyester or other fabric types using a combination of high heat and pressure. This process allows the image to be depressed and sit below the fabrics surface; sometimes referred to as blind stamping. This method has become more popular than Embossing, as no backing is required to maintain the graphics shape.






New in 2012, laser embellishing offers the next generation of tone-on-tone decoration. A concentrated beam of high energy light is used to etch into fabrics and other materials while moving across a pre-determined course of up to 13" x 13".


Incorporating the same cutting-edge technology used in medical laser applications, you can create very fine detail on virtually any synthetic fabric. Extremely precise, you can create shapes and patterns as small as one-eighth inch square and text as tiny as eight-point type. Due to the fact that intensity can be controlled, it's possible to use the laser on a wide variety of products such as: leather golf shoes, wooden bar taps, picture frames, clothing hangers, glass and so much more.


**Note: White fabrics are not recommended for use with laser embellishing. Black and Navy fabrics are very tonal in detail. Some fabrics may be more difficult to see your finished design than others.