/digital printing:

/iGen digital printer

Digital printing is a type of printing from

a digital image directly to a wide array of

media. In general we use the term to refer

to professional printing where jobs are

lower in quanties and save money.


This type of printing also allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a customization of an image such as variable data.


Product Highlights:

  • Feeder module (up to six), two paper trays each; load while run; up to 30,000-sheet capacity

  • Largest digital cut-sheet format, up to 14.33″ x 22.5″ (364 x 572 mm)

  • Gripperless transport mechanism allows printing to within 1 mm of sheet edge; enhances feeding reliability across a range of coated and uncoated paper stock

  • Easy-to-load, highcapacity dry ink containers; replace while run

  • Single-point image transfer to paper with speeds up to 6,600 (110 prints per minute) 4/0 impressions per hour

  • Intelligent fusing adjusts for differences in stock; runs every sheet at rated speed

  • Stacker module (up to four); (2) wheeled carts per stacker; unload while run

  • Top tray for interrupt jobs


& service


From file imposition to colour proofing, our capable staff are

experienced in all aspects of digital file preparation and ready

to assist with your project. We continue to invest in this area to

ensure we're leading the industry and able to meet demanding

timing and quality expectations.


  • Mac or PC files ripped from FTP or disc to various proofing modes ranging from PDF, color

  • dylux, Epson 10600 and Fuji Luxel dot proof.

  • Fibre optic FTP connectivity for easy and efficient file uploads.

  • The latest graphic software supported by cutting edge hardware to ensure we can support your file formats.

  • Complete Assembly and Imposition services for accurate end-to-end solutions.

  • A variety of press-calibrated proofing systems including impositional and colour proofs for true end product representation.

  • 2 FUJI Computer-To-Plate(CTP) imagesetters powered by Rampage software offering automated trapping and violet plate production, enabling the highest resolution reproduction possible and less dot gain.

  • CIPS3 computerized inking system linked directly to the press.

  • FM screening (stochastic) for improved colour and detail


Ultimately, it's the talents of our customer driven prepress team that separates PointOne from its competitors. We're dedicated to your project's success, and we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Our sheet-fed presses are

augmented with inline coating

towers enabling clients to enhance

their projects economically and

efficiently. Our 8 colour perfector

press prints both sides of the sheet in one pass thereby reducing press time.


Our CIPS3 digital workflow assists press operators by transferring your designed ink values directly to the console for fast accurate set-up. These values are then archived, ensuring future projects are an exact match.


A variety of press sizes ensures that we can meet demanding schedules while maintaining a quality level that is second-to-none.


Our presses include:

  • 2007 MAN Roland Rotoman 5 colour 22.75 x 38 web with remoist gluer, pattern perf, spine gluer, inline folding and sheeting

  • 2002 Heidelberg SM102 8 colour 28x40 perfector

  • 2006 Heidelberg CD102 7 colour 28x40 with tower coater

  • 2005 Heidelberg CD102 6 colour 28x40 with tower coater

  • 2007 Heidelberg XL 6 colour 28x40 with tower coater

  • 2002 Heidelberg SM52 4 colour 14x20

  • Online spectrometer to monitor ink densities and control colour consistency

  • Climate controlled


The newest addition is our MAN Roland Heat Set Web press, which is perfect for full colour, high volume printing. With inline re-moistenable glue, perfing, folding and sheeting capabilities, this press eliminates many steps in the finishing process and represents the latest in web printing technology.

/off-set & web

MAN Roland Rotoman Full Web


&  delivery:




Offline finishing services are another important

component and we've provide it as a one-stop service.

Our folding and stitching lines can gather signatures,

stitch booklets, and trim to finished size a variety of digests,

magazines, catalogues and other multi-page printed products. Cutting,

drilling, padding and shrink-wrapping services are also available.


We Match the efficiencies of our press lines with our bindery services to ensure we meet the demanding schedules of this industry.


  • 3 saddle stitchers

  • 7 folders

  • 3 cutters

  • Drilling & Shrink wrapping


For additional services such as Direct Mailing, Die Cutting, Coil, Wiro and Perfect Binding, we have alliance partnerships with a variety of trade facilities and lettershops to ensure we can offer our clients complete end to end solutions.




We’ll coordinate your shipping requirements whether your destination is local or around the world. We utilize a variety of third party freight specialists who can offer standard or expedited service. In addition, our staff are experienced at completing the necessary customs documentation for our international clients to ensure projects get where they need to... when they need to.




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