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Channel Letters / Dimentional Signs & Letters / Sign Boxes

Custom Dimentional Signs & Letters -  come in a variety of metals and plastics and can be mounted on a sign or directly to your wall.  Mounting finishes include adhering directly to a surface, using a pad-mount for a slight lift, or using a stud mount to float the letters away from a wall.

These dimensional letters are for both indoor and outdoor use and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Standard and custom fonts available, as well as custom shapes and logos.


Channel Letters - The front of the channel letter is covered with either pigmented plastic or decorated plastic of matching or contrasting color. With the combination of light sources, pigmented plastics and vinyl films available, almost any color can be achieved. Care must be taken to match an appropriate color light source with the selected face color. This type of letter is suitable of all types of lighting packages. Letter returns painted a dark or contrasting color can increase legibility.


Back-Lite Sign Boxes - This consists of an electric signbox fronted with translucent plastic. Lights in the box cause the message to be visible at night. The face can be covered with printed or regular vinyl. We can re-face your existing backlit signage or in some cases create and mount a new backlit sign.Illuminated sign boxes are one of our main product lines. All illuminated sign boxes are manufactured from quality aluminium profiles and electrics.



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