Tackel Twill

Tackle twill (sew on numbers, sew on lettering) is a form of appliqué.

Whereas appliqué is made of designs or shapes, tackle twill is a combination of letters, numbers or designs cut from a piece of fabric that are sewn onto a garment with a zigzag, satin or double running stitch.


Tackle twill is most commonly seen on sports team uniforms, consisting of the team logo, player’s name, and number.


Although tackle twill is most commonly seen on sports team uniforms, in the decorated apparel industry, instead of embroidering a large area, using tackle twill or appliqué can reduce embroidery stitch count.

Embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine, by using

patterns that are "digitized" using embroidery software, commonly known

as a ‘Digitized Tape’. Once this is done, you own the tape and can use it for

other application, providing the size is similar.


Just send us the logo you want to use and unlike screening, we can even use a jpg to

convert to a digitized tape.


Please keep in mind that when submitting your image, that any font smaller than 1/4" my become lost.