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Conversion of your 'jpg' to Vector Art & Font Outlining:


Because most of what you see on the web is Rastered jpg's or bitmap art, you may not be aware that it shouldn't be used for most of your marketing collateral and signage, until it has been converted to Vector art.

'Vector Art' is the most universal format required for most printing, large format & screen printing processing projects...


Think of Vector art as a pieces of wire… no matter how large you create the image, the curves will remain smooth and sharp. Because Vector files are not resolution dependent, It can be enlarged or reduced with no change in quality.


Another important consideration are 'Fonts'.... If they aren't outlined or they aren't supplied, you may get one style when you want another, (i.e. if the font you used for your project was an ’Impact’ Font, but it wasn’t outlined, or supplied... you might end up with a ‘Times New Roman’ Font instead), and that could ruin your message.


                We’ll make sure you’re message doesn’t get blurred and your fonts are what you're expecting.

Photo Editing / Cropping:


Need a hand getting your message to jump out?

     * close cropping

     * background removal

     * airbrushing

     * photo manipulation

     * colour correction


....get it done Right!

Colour Separation:


Colour separation, is needed for screen printing, which is done one color at a time. The inks used in spot color printing are opaque and are referenced by the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for color accuracy.


There is no limit to the number of spot colors that can be printed to produce a final image. The only restriction in spot color printing is by the printing process and the product in which it is being applied to. For instance, to print six spot colors on flat items such as a sign or t-shirt it’s easy to maintain good registration between the colors; however, printing six spot colors on a cylinder shaped item such as a sports bottle or coffee mug, where shifting between the colors make it more difficult to maintain good registration…


Also... please keep this in mind that pricing is done per colour (i.e. 1 colour = screen + application).

'Click Here for Pantone PDF